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Child and youth psychotherapy

Children and young people often face difficulties with school, friends or family. They can feel
anxious, depressed or angry but it might be harder for them to comprehend and express these
emotions. These feelings often manifest in behavioral problems, difficulties with school,
aggression, eating or sleeping disorders etc.


When to get help?

There are some life events, such as divorce, arrival of a new sibling, switching schools etc.
that may have a troubling effect on your children’s psychological well being. This often
considered to be the part of the adjustment and will in many cases pass with time. However
there are cases when it is not a good idea to wait with getting help, e.g. eating disorder or self
harm. You also might consider consulting with a professional when your child’s behavior is
causing her serious problems in everyday life, disrupting the family life, or if your child deals
with extreme amount of anxiety or depressed mood for an extended period of time.
All in all psychotherapy can address a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems, such
as anxiety, depression, eating and sleeping disorders, bereavement, bullying, anger,
relationships, low self-esteem, and self-harm.


Individual child psychotherapy offers treatment for various mental health issues. At the first
session the therapist will meet with the parents to collect detailed information about the
child’s problems and symptoms. During the therapeutic process the emphasis is on
understanding the background of the difficulties in order to create a personalized treatment
plan for the clients, and develop adequate strategies of coping. The therapist will work closely
together with the parents making them feel more competent to deal with problems at home.
The sessions are about 50 minutes long, usually in a one-on-one setting. Depending on the
problem sometimes families are taking part in the process together in form of family therapy.
Psychologists and psychotherapists working in our team are specialized in various methods in
order to offer you the most suitable approach. Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions
you may have.


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